England. Two Israelis were arrested at an airport in the United Kingdom

Latin America Digest, March 26, 2024.

He called on border officials to make sure they are not planning what they do in Gaza there.

The Jewish community in Manchester, United Kingdom, has filed a complaint with the British authorities and the management of Manchester Airport regarding the treatment of two Israelis who were arrested by border control officials at the airport.

according to Channel 7 Israeli, the settlers are survivors of the events of October 7 and suffer from “post-traumatic stress disorder” and come to Manchester to recount their experiences.

The Manchester Jewish Representative Council claimed that the officers detained them for two hours and They spoke to them in aggressive terms and in a insulting tone.

According to them, border officials asked them to do so They do not plan what they will do in Gaza.

This incident comes amid a major change in the outlook towards “Israel” that Western public opinion has experienced since the beginning of the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

European capitals and cities, including Manchester, are organizing mass demonstrations in support of Palestine and demanding a ceasefire in that besieged region.

Source: Al-Mayadeen

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