UK begins detaining immigrants

In the midst of a busy day ahead of the UK municipal elections, British police launched a series of raids to detain migrants in an irregular situation with the aim of sending them to Rwanda. Since last Monday, members of the Interior Ministry have been carrying out operations across the country, searching for asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected.

The raids took place at hotels housing these individuals and at visa and immigration offices, where some went for routine appointments or to collect funds allocated by the government to support them.

5,700 people are in an irregular situation

So far, more than two dozen people have been detained as part of a group of 5,700 irregular individuals who arrived in the UK before June 2023 and have been denied refugee status. These deportations are intended to deter migrants arriving on English shores on ships crossing the English Channel.

Home Secretary James Cleverley described the arrests as “another milestone” in fulfilling Rishi Sunak’s government’s commitment to “stop the boats”. These measures come at a time when the number of people crossing the English Channel has reached record numbers this year.

He was transferred to detention centers

The detainees will be transferred to detention centers while flights to Rwanda are arranged, which is expected to take place within nine to eleven weeks. The migrants will be given the opportunity to contact court-appointed lawyers and provide evidence that they are in irreversible danger if they are sent to the African country.

On the other hand, in Dublin, police evacuated nearly 300 illegal immigrants who were camping near the International Protection Office. The evacuation sparked diplomatic tensions between Dublin and London, with Ireland accusing the UK of causing the migrant crisis by announcing flights to Rwanda. @mondario

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