Downing Street confirms Johnson has not taken more party fines

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, received sanctions from the Metropolitan Police for breaching confinement rules

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the door of his official residence.Neil Hall | EFE

It was confirmed on Saturday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had received no further financial penalties from the London Metropolitan Police for breaching confinement rules with social events during the pandemic. Downing Street.

A spokesman for his residence and official office was forced to clarify this point after the British channel ITV revealed, according to its sources, that the Conservative Party leader was fined for another social gathering where there were drinks in the garden of Government House, in May 2020.

In connection with this event, the “Prime Minister” actually had to apologize at the time, asserting that he “implicitly believed” it was an act.

Johnson, who had just returned to London from a two-day trip to India, was fined this month by Scotland Yard for attending a birthday party (of his own) held at his residence during the lockdown.

His wife, Carrie Johnson, the mother of his two minor children, has also received a sentence, as has the head of the economy, Rishi Sunak, among the fifty sentences already handed out by the police force.

Johnson became the first serving British Prime Minister to be punished for breaking the law.

Last Thursday, MPs in the House of Commons agreed to open an investigation into whether the Conservative leader lied to Parliament when he asserted he was not aware that parties in public office had violated strict anti-corruption regulations.

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This inquiry was approved without a vote after the Speaker of the House of Commons asked if anyone opposed its conduct and no one.

Previously, the Executive had corrected at the last minute its initial intention to delay the investigation, after verifying that several Tory MPs were not in favor of the measure.

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