Dominican Republic and Haiti on UK Red List for COVID-19

The Dominican Republic, Haiti and four other countries were added to the UK’s red list on Wednesday in travel alerts due to the high rate of COVID-19 infection, according to Britain’s newspaper The Sun.

The countries that have been added are: Eritrea (Africa), Mongolia, Tunisia, Uganda, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, in addition to Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Panama, Peru and other countries already on the list.

This means that people traveling to the UK from these countries will have to isolate themselves in a specialist hotel upon arrival.

A mandatory 10-day stay in a UK hotel selected for quarantine will cost travelers around €1,750.

If passengers leave the quarantine hotel before the end of their 10 days, a coronavirus fine of 5,000 will be imposed and the number could rise to 10,000.

Passengers from red-listed countries can only enter through a small number of ports, after which they will be escorted to specific hotels that will be closed to the general public.

Guests will be required to stay in their rooms and will not mingle with anyone else, with visible security in place.

In addition to testing negative for COVID-19 before arriving in England, they must take the second and third test on the second and eighth day after entering the country.

European ministers approved the changes at a crucial meeting on Wednesday afternoon after The Sun newspaper revealed last Tuesday that those countries are about to be added.

The announcement came after Boris Johnson announced today that it is finally time to start international travel again.

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The Prime Minister said there was a “real opportunity” to reopen favorite destinations for sun seekers thanks to the deployment of star vaccines in the UK.

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