Dome gets second place in the science fair

student Hidalgo State High School (Al Kobba)And Othunel Zuniga Espinosawith the teacher Freddy Hernandez Espinosafrom campus octoban, they got 2nd place In the category Earth and Environmental Sciences , On the The National and Latin American Exhibition of Humanities and Engineering ATHENA 2020.

This event was organized by National Council for Science and Technology (Conacyt), in a Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapaswith a goal Encouraging young people to develop science through new technologies that focus on the environment, Through practices and activities geared towards scientific discovery and the academic field.

It should be noted that this edition was participated in Students between the ages of 14 and 19 from different educational levels from all over the country, adding a total of 32 projects, three of which originated in the state of Hidalgo.

He called the work of Othunel Zuniga and his advisor, Freddy Hernandez The green project It consists of the development of a flexible and biodegradable biopolymer derived from the use of corn kernel (Parmentiera aculeata) and jonote (Heliocarpus appendiculatus), two species endemic to the central and southern regions of our country whose physical properties and manufacturing materials allow it to be a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to those made from starch Basic.

The above is derived from the problem they found after noticing the large amount of inorganic garbage generated in educational centers derived from the purchase of fried foods and products packed in plastic bags, that is why they decided to focus on making spoons and wrappers for snacks whose characteristics give them a lower decomposition period It is a popular packaging, in addition to being made from natural products.

Both the student and his advisor received the National Contest Card after their outstanding participation in the State science and engineering fair Getting first place.

Given this, the CEO of Dome said, Hector Pedraza Olguin And the contestants knew about the victory they obtained during the competition, and he assured him that, despite the epidemic, they did not stop implementing the project.

In the same way, he emphasized the work done by students and teachers during this pandemic period, “Since such actions are those that have the benefit of society in general, as defined in the sustainable development agenda of Governor Omar Fayyad Meneses, who instructed all government officials to provide the population with the necessary tools to promote the development of our societies,” commented.

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