They create robots with the muscle tissue of living organisms. It's uncomfortable progress.

Currently, it has been tested exclusively on muscle tissue in mice. However, it can work the same way with human tissue

This is an important advance for robotics

Since forever Technology has imitated nature. Airplanes are big birds, cars were originally horse-drawn carriages, and many other obvious aspects of our daily lives depend on biological issues that the animals around us have worked to perfect over millions of years of evolution. This has always been true of robots, which are built in our image and likeness, as is the case with humanoid robots or there are even robot dogs with unexpected functions.

A bit of a strange development

in An article published by Advanced Intelligent Systems Company Members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) investigated how soft robots use components clearly inspired by animal biology. Now, just imitating nature was no longer enough, this team also wanted to use parts of it Living muscle tissue In association with Artificial robotic parts. They were baptized K Hybrid biorobotics.

Ritu Raman, director of the research, noted that the muscle tissue of his soft robots They are built by the muscle tissue of the mouse cell Which are later physically combined into Robot skeletonThey act as motors that move the robot when contracting. The muscles are attached to a type of spring that acts as the skeleton of the robotic system. It is not an easy task, because biological muscle tissue offers unexpected results, but in this case it is clear that it has achieved an interesting progress.

First, they created very non-rigid structures where one part is resistant in one direction and the other allows movement, thus doing something similar to how muscle cells work in humans.

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Human muscle tissue can be used

Now, the main concern for all of this is what or if it can be used for It is a straightforward moral Since then, though, mouse cells have also been used It could be human tissue. In principle, the research was targeted Development of small robots That could work Inside the human body in a non-surgical way In order to save the lives of people with health problems.

Faced with the fact that, of course, they can be used Human muscle tissue cells To create these robots, the truth is that This was not the caseAlthough it involves suffering laboratory animals for this purpose. Whatever the case, it is an investigation whose conclusions can simply remain at this point, but it is true Perhaps human muscle cells could be used in the future So that the body does not reject robotic prosthetics, for example, or to create bio-prosthetics. This isn't exactly the scope of this research, as the MIT team is working on soft robotics, but who knows if this could have a larger application in the future.

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