The Royal Academy of Economics and Finance (RACEF) signs a cooperation agreement in Switzerland

During a joint academic day in Geneva (Switzerland) between members Swiss UMEF University The Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences (jetty) under the general heading “Uncertain economic expectations in a worrying global system”The heads of the two institutions, former Romanian Prime Minister Peter Roman and Dr. Jaime Gil Aloja, signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday.

The Swiss UMEF University is the first federally accredited private university in Switzerland and its president, Peter RomanIn his opening presentation, he talked about “How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World,” while Jaime Gil AlojaThe President of the Spanish Royal Foundation delivered the conference entitled: “Manichaeism from the Perspective of Artificial Intelligence.” Based on the principle of gradual synchronization supported by the concepts of measurement, evaluation, degree, level, and entropy shore, a principle that replaces the principle of the exclusive third on which the dualistic vision of life is based, the Aloja generation, Father of uncertainty theoryhas generated a new mathematics called fuzzy mathematics in which nuances prevail, which is one of its pillars Barcelona School of Human Economics.

These works have allowed RACEF to enter the world of artificial intelligence (AI) through… Develop algorithms that gain humanity ratingTo integrate, numerically and non-numerically, subjectivity, “the constant companion of objectivity, in the thinking and decisions of the subject of economic and social relations.” Within the framework of the Humanitarian Economic School of Barcelona, ​​the Royal Foundation has published algorithms such as “Planetary Decarbonization Algorithm”, “Algorithm for Optimal Allocation of MENAS (Unaccompanied Minors) to Suitable Families”, “Intergenerational Harmony Algorithm”, “Algorithm for Early Detection of Neurological Disorders” and others. Which can be found and used free of charge just by visiting the Royal Academy website:

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The academic day was completed with presentations by RACEF academics. Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland), Valerio Ioan Frank (Romania), Jill Green (Switzerland), Luciano Barcelos (Brazil), Michelle Mitzeltin (Austria), Korkmaz Imanov (Azerbaijan) Academic Number One Arturo Rodriguez Castellanos and members of RACEF's Bardcelona Economic Network Cornelio Goto And Carlo Morabito. The doctors participated on behalf of the Swiss university UMEF Javid Sangdel, Sylvain Mercury, Marc Bonnet, Viola Krebs, Natalia Rashka, Aida Darvichi, Dan Pugh And his own Peter Roman.

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