Colorado Rapids and Portland Timbers play their first Major League Soccer game

The MLS Conference semi-final matches kick off on Thursday, A very special history of the United States, since the celebration of Thanksgiving, a tradition For the first time in history, it will feature a football match within its sports group.

The Colorado Rapids and Portland Timbers will both seek to become the first MLS team to win a game on Thanksgiving. Within the American Football League, which he hopes to repeat in the coming seasons, appeal to the success that Tuesday’s match will achieve.

Although the NFL has historically had the sporting dominance on Thanksgiving, MLS has jumped into the scene with the hope of providing a new entertainment alternative to an audience increasingly connected to a sport such as football.

MLS’ decision to award a Thanksgiving game to a team like the Colorado Rapids has sparked controversy, because it was one of the least watched teams for this season in terms of television, and one of the teams that sought to play this historic match was New England Revolution, the team that broke the season’s record for points.

However, despite the questions about this game, About the Rapids they know they’re going to put on a good show on Thanksgiving and that local fans will do their part and will attend the stadium on Thursday, expecting the third-highest attendance of the season; Oddly enough, the previous two were also on special celebrations like July 4th and D-Day.

“Having the chance to play the first Thanksgiving game in MLS history is something I am most proud of. It’s an opportunity where people will see us and we’ll see what we’ve been doing all year and hopefully we can go out and do it the way we can do it and put on a good show.”

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If all goes as expected and it’s the first Thanksgiving in MLS history to put on a show, It is not excluded that in the future American football will join sports such as the NFL and the National Basketball Association with important duels on dates such as Thanksgiving and ChristmasAs in England, it happens with the Premier League and the traditional Boxing Day.

Rapids Will Make Thanksgiving a Charity

The Thanksgiving duel or also known as MLS Pidsgiving will be historic for MLS and the Rapids Board of Directors will implement a charitable activity, which consists of For every fan who attends the conference’s semi-final game, they will donate 30 meals to the Colorado Food Bank.

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