District Science Fair witnessed 25 projects

It was held yesterday afternoon at the SUM of EEST N° 3 “Juan B. Alberdi” in Falcon and Cologne. 19 institutions of primary, secondary, secondary and technical levels. The following example will be regional by default in October.

The 13th District Science and Technology Fair was held at the SUM of EEST N° 3 “Juan B. Alberdi” in Falcon and Cologne, on Friday afternoon. 25 projects of primary, primary, secondary and technical levels were submitted.

The works were great: a Latin American mural by JI San Martin, work as excavation artists at JI 920, briquettes from EP N° 40, Uy! Mosquito bites me. What do I fear them? From EP No. 13 Better be safe than sorry from EP No. 13 Seed pumps from EP No. 34, fluid leak from EP No. 29, today for you, tomorrow for me, donate bone marrow from Instituto Primario San Javier, from Parana to our homes from EP Nº 4 and reduce, reuse and recycle is the innovation of EEST Nº 3.

Only students of the same Exhibitor Course can attend with the corresponding protocol. This was the only time the face-to-face encounter took place this year.

The following example will be regional by default in October. All projects can be submitted as there is no limit to the number of projects. It is followed by provincial and national authorities.

Instagram channel: @acteregion12.

epidemic context

“In the context of the pandemic with which we began this school year, personally installing the district science fairs has been a real challenge. In order to meet the objectives of the ACTE (Educational, Scientific and Technological Activities) of Buenos Aires Province, meetings were held with the educational authorities in order to agree on the spaces in which to be developed and application of the protocol for her. Apply. As of the publication of the beginning of the activities, virtual training has been provided to more than 60 teachers counseling, assessment and updated conversations to assess teachers through virtual face-to-face actions. In this way, thanks to great teamwork, we have come today to this county fair that includes 25 projects of primary, primary and secondary level of the city”, said EL NORTE, reference for scientific and technological activities, engineer Susanna Dock.

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He added: “Being the apparent pandemic that has gone through all school activities, with course dynamics and such unfavorable situations, this exhibition has exceeded the best expectations, not only in terms of quantity but also for the quality of the projects presented. A teacher who succeeds in these circumstances in focusing and directing the attention of his students. To a school research project, is a teacher who connects with his students with emotion, of knowing what is best for them and working towards it.As for the students, they enjoy this experience in which they feel that they are absolute champions, because they have been able to assimilate the knowledge based on their interest in the proposed topic.This makes sense The most attractive of science fair, which is to provide more and better knowledge to students, for which we congratulate those teachers and students who give meaning to these activities. ”

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