Seven YouTube gestures to tap the launcher on Android

More than four years ago, the mobile application Youtube Celebrity added Gesture to go forward and rewind a videoAnd all this time, Google has not stopped adding more gestures, especially in recent months, as it has been arriving new gestures silently.

Then we will review All YouTube Gestures You can do in your player, whether to control the playback of a video, activate full screen, or access the social options of a video.

Go back and forth in a video

Let’s start with the famous double tap screen What can you do on the sides From a video by forward or backward reproduction. Double tap will move forward/backward 10 seconds, but if you keep tapping on the screen, the time will increase in intervals of +10 seconds, i.e. if you make two taps, you advance 10 seconds, three taps are 20 seconds, four clicks are 30 seconds, and so on…

Go to a specific point

Youtube Gesture Go Point Concrete

This is one of the new gestures. to me Keep holding your finger The new gesture for . has been activated Go to a specific point. without releasing your finger, Swipe left or right We will move forward or backward in the timeline to see a preview of every second. When we release the finger we will jump to that point.

mini video

Youtube Gesture video expanded

All cell phones now have an ultra-wide screen, longer than the 16:9 standard for most videos, so by default we’ll see two bars in black. If we want this video to occupy the whole screen, we have to do a stretch Finger spreading pliers gesture to enlarge the video. To bring it back to its original size, we have to do the opposite gesture.

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minimize player

Youtube Gesture Zoom Out

If we are shooting a video with the phone vertically and want to continue exploring the app, we can make the player smaller Slide the player down. The video will continue to play at the bottom of the app on the widget. To return to its normal size, we just have to move the widget up.

Separation forward or backward

Youtube gesture change chapter

Another new gesture that allows us Separation forward or backward just by making Two-finger double tap screen on the sides of the screen. It’s like moving forward or backward for 10 seconds but with two fingers.

View a video in full screen mode

Youtube Gesture full screen

To watch a video in full screen, when it’s landscape, we usually rotate the screen and wait automatically for it to display in full screen, but in portrait videos we have to activate full screen manually. So that you don’t have to activate with this button, we can swipe up. The video will appear in full screen mode. To exit full screen mode just us swipe down.

Access procedures and recommendations

Youtube Gesture Actions Recommendations

Finally, we finish with the gesture that allows us to access the social actions of a video while playing it in full screen and with the mobile horizontally. That’s why we just have to swipe up. Your panel will appear with the channel subscription options with the verbs “I like”, “Don’t like”, share and save, as well as watch recommendations for other videos that may interest us.

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