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What they thought would be an unforgettable vacation turned out to be a terrible nightmare. Peter Ashman, a 42-year-old bus driver, and his family rented an apartment in the Pontins Prestatyn Sands Holiday Park in Wales for four days, but were unpleasantly surprised to find the property’s appalling condition. The story spread on Facebook and other social networks.

Peter paid about $345 for his stay. He traveled to the place on August 20 with partner Kimberly Bevin, 39, and their children Leland and Alex, 13 and 11, respectively, however, they found droppings, used underwear, furniture in poor condition and dirt everywhere.

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“I’ve read the reviews and some people were talking about how beautiful it was and they had no problems and others said it was terrible, but I am open minded and give it the benefit of the doubt”Ashman told the Birmingham Live portal.

The family arrived at the institution around 11:30 AM and check-in only at 4:00 PM. “We decided to take a look around the pool and got into a room and you had to wipe your feet when you left. The stench was old. It was outdated and dirty and things stuck on the carpet.”The father of the family said.

“Because of COVID, my girlfriend brought white wipes to clean surfaces: they were black when I used them. The sofa bed was broken and filthy. I have back pain and couldn’t sleep on the couch or in bed because I didn’t get acclimated to it.”Peter Ashman said.

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But that wasn’t all, according to the man from United kingdomUnder the outside staircase that gives access to the apartment, they found sheets stained with excrement. “The staircase was not secure, it was slippery, and the handrails were all falling off rust. The outside of the room was dirty, as if it had never been cleaned before”Ashman added to the above portal.

The tourist conveyed his annoyance to the director of the complex, but he only showed him the book of complaints: He did not offer me another apartment. We gave them the opportunity to correct themselves, but they told us that they couldn’t do anything because they were complete and that we moved the issue to their claims department.”.

After a nightmare night, Ashman and his family decided to stay somewhere else, and he is now hoping to get his money back. The place is despicable, where is the money spent? You would think that a large pool like Pontins would have higher standards because of COVID, even though it doesn’t seem to care.”he added.

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