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Spain is located in Eighteenth place in the global gender gap index. This is a position that indicates progress compared to other countries and development in recent years in terms of differences between men and women in our country. However, although there is progress, there is still progress It is not enough to talk about complete equalityAnd even less so in STEM careers: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

According to the report data Scientists in numbers 2023prepared by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Even today there is a noticeable gender gap in STEM fields in Spain21% were communications, computing and electronics engineers, 28% were in mathematics and physics, and 31% were in architecture, civil engineering, construction and urban planning.

And that's not all. Although women represent nearly half of university graduates in science, technology, and engineering fields, their presence is noticeably decreasing at the upper levels of scientific careers and in leadership roles. Only 20% of them reach senior positions with scientific responsibility..

As Head of R&D at mesoestetic®, a leading company in the cosmetics and aesthetic medicine sector, and with training in biochemistry and pharmacology, I A first-hand witness to the importance of gender equality in science for over 25 years in the sector. Addressing this gap, which still exists, is essential to achieving Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Gender equality in the scientific field It is not only a matter of social justice, but also an imperative necessity for scientific and technological progress. Many studies have shown this Gender diversity In search teams leads to More creativity, innovation and quality in scientific production.

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Despite these obvious benefits, Women are still underrepresented in STEM careers They face many obstacles throughout their careers.

To address this gender gap, it is crucial to implement policies and practices that promote equal opportunity and recognition of scientific talent regardless of gender. This involves not only removing structural and cultural barriers that hinder women's advancement in STEM fields Promoting inclusive leadership models and expanding access to mentoring and professional development programs.

It is disturbing to see how In Spain, only 7% of girls and women want to devote themselves to scienceThis is according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In this sense, commitment to Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals is essential to guide our actions towards a more equitable future.

This goal acknowledges that Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but also a catalyst for achieving other goals Such as reducing poverty, improving health and well-being, and encouraging innovation and economic growth.

Within the framework of scientific research, Gender equality is essential to ensure the excellence and relevance of our research. By promoting the equal participation of women and men in STEM, we expand the set of skills, perspectives and approaches that enrich our understanding of the natural world and enable us to address our society's most pressing challenges.

We have a responsibility to Leading change towards a more inclusive and equitable scientific culture. This includes not only adopting fair hiring and promotion practices, but also creating a work environment that celebrates gender diversity and encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas between women and men scientists.

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In the case of mesoestetic®, we have been committed to imparting scientific knowledge for over 35 years, through entrepreneurship programs or training courses targeting young students, seeking to achieve Promoting access to education in scientific fields and enhancing the role of women in science.

Recognizing women's work and making it socially visible is essential to creating role models for young people. Girls obviously don't study something they don't know.

By promoting the full and equal participation of women and men in STEM, we are not only moving towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5, but we are also strengthening the scientific and technological foundation that underpins our progress as a society. It is time to redouble our efforts and commit to a future where talent and scientific excellence know no gender boundaries.

***Mary Carmen Gonzalez is responsible for the research and development of mesoestetic®.

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