Diario Extra – Tico honored actor and model in the United Kingdom

Good news for Costa Rica, and its center, Costa Rican model and actor Mauricio Amoy (“Spider-Man 2,” “Apocalypto,” “Droga”), who was honored in the last few hours by the mayor of Porthcawl in Wales. This is because he helps children in need in the Puntarenas Islands. Additionally, Amoy took advantage of her stay in London, England, to resume her modeling career thanks to a contract with Imossi Celebrity Management. From Europe he spoke with DIARIO EXTRA.

What to do in England?

– I'm on my first actual call, advertising tour and future projects with my agency that represents celebrities in Europe, Imossi Celebrity Management, which is one of the best on the continent and also represents Maria Conchita Alonso and Holly Johnson (Liverpool), among other celebrities, and I was called for my first A formal photo shoot (photo shoot) for some magazine covers in Europe with the famous photographer Aled Llwelyn with the famous designer Alyn Waterman, at the Art Museum in Porthcawl, Wales.

Is it related to humanitarian issues?

– During the tour, I received an official invitation from Porthcawl Local Government to take photographs for the magazines in the Art Museum, due to my humanitarian work with the Mauricio Amoy/Brazos de Amor Foundation in Latin America, and I also officially recognize the great humanitarian work that has been accomplished in 15 years, and 38,000 children were prevented, and 1,200 suicides were prevented.

Is it subsidized or do I pay for everything?

The agency provides part of the trip.

How much does it cost to get to England and stay for a month?

– It's expensive, it's in pounds, it can cost about 4 million colones, and the ticket costs about 1,200,000 colones.

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How much does it cost to eat, have a coffee or go to the supermarket?

Each meal costs more than 10,000 colones, and breakfast, dinner and lunch are 17,000 colones each. Going to the supermarket is a little cheaper, as you can spend 14,000 colones a day.

Is it difficult to enter England due to the epidemic problems?

– Yes, to enter England they require an official letter of invitation, the reason for travel, and apart from checking that you carry enough money for your stay, you must fill out a form in which you indicate where you will be and you must buy travel insurance.

What does the opening look like? Are you returning to modeling?

– There is a boom in fashion and film jobs for people between the ages of 30 and 50, especially if we have an unusual look or a global mix, which is why Emosi hired me exclusively after several interviews via Zoom. How was that? The truth is that it is very positive for future projects, the first meetings with future clients were successful, and I am very happy to pave the way for Latinos as well and put Costa Rica in a high position, and I am the first Latino man to sign with a celebrity agency in London. Celebrity Management Imossi.

How does it feel to resume your career after the pandemic?

– Impressive, because even though great opportunities were given to me in difficult times, I can only say thank you to the greatest, God who makes these things happen. Great opportunities in difficult times.

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How was the meeting with the Mayor of Wales?

– The Mayor of Porthcawl, Wales, Tracey Hill, was very friendly, very determined to support My Children's Future programs in the future, and she already knew about my life story and my Humanitarian Award at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. She was very shocked by the great humanitarian work that had been done. In the Puntarenas Islands, he also offered to hold a formal event in a castle or historical place in the future to benefit children most in need.

What about Wales?

– I have no explanation, it is a place with a lot of history and very polite and nice people, I was very amazed by the antiques they have in general, from royal jewelry to castles, more than 10!

What other authorities helped you there?

– At the moment, we are in the phase of future support, recognizing that it has been very positive since the UK government is monitoring us, with very transparency and regulation, adding to the 7 international recognitions already obtained, including being an official part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals .

You went to watch a Premier League match, how was that experience?

– It was a match between West Ham United and Everton in the English Premier League, and I was invited by West Ham United, who also gave me special member access and to be able to enjoy after the match in a more private room after West Ham's 2-1 win over Everton. I had the experience of seeing Mark Noble and Declan Rice.

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How long is there?

– I will stay there for a month and then come back to prepare for a second trip and I am very happy to have personally acquired a piece of land in Tamarindo for my future tourism project, which will partly help the high-risk children in Guanacaste

What new projects came out after the trip?

– Magazine covers, a future TV project and a possible movie, all very positive! I also had the opportunity to perform with famous Liverpool band singer Holly Johnson, famous for her song “Frankie Goes To Hollywood”.

Do you need Costa Rica?

– Yes, absolutely, but I know that these future personal projects will help me support more children in need. I was also very happy with the good reputation Costa Rica has in England.

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