The United Kingdom turns to TikTok to stop immigration

February 14, 2024

At a time when illegal immigration is a headache for almost all of Europe, British Home Secretary James Cleverly is reportedly planning to involve TikTok influencers in his campaign to discourage illegal immigration.

The Times confirmed the news, detailing that the new initiative from the Home Office will expand campaigns to include countries such as Iraq, Egypt and Vietnam, with plans to reach Turkey and India.

In this sense, the idea is to engage influential people to spread the message, which is why the Home Office has already prepared a list of people applying for this position, including a rapper, two comedians, lifestyle bloggers, TV personalities and a travel writer.

According to the Home Office, there is currently a total of £30,000 (more than €35,000) available to pay out to all influencers, with each individual payment capped at £5,000 (€5,860).

Of the total, there is 15,000 pounds sterling (17,580 euros) at the ministry’s disposal to pay the salaries of influencers in Egypt and Vietnam, while the amount that will be allocated in Turkey, India and Iraq has not been determined. In total, £576,500 (€675,000) was booked for the five passes.

Since 2015, London estimates that more than 550,000 people have crossed the English Channel in small boats.

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