The opposition considers the president's continuation of the inauguration ceremonies a provocation

Written by: Julio Caraballo

Santo Domingo.- Several days before the municipal elections, President Luis Abi Nader inaugurated an expansion of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). The building is planning to implement a series of events to deliver the works until March.

For opponents, the Central Electoral Council should have alerted the government for violating the electoral system law that prohibits this.

And they confirm that This is a provocation just to gain power.

“It is a blatant violation of the electoral law, and the council should have made a decision to actually punish the government,” said Radhames Jiménez Peña, leader of the Forza del Pueblo party.

They assert that although pro-government mayors seeking re-election and Modern Revolutionary Party candidates do not participate in government activities, they directly benefit.

“They did not stop despite the call made by civil society and political parties in their plan to open businesses,” said Jesús Velez, leader of Popular Power.

The Electoral System Law, Article 210 and Paragraph 6 of it, stipulates that “it is prohibited during the forty days preceding the date of celebrating the municipal elections and sixty days before the presidential and legislative elections, organizing inaugural events.” Of public works by the central government and mayors' offices.

The Modern Revolutionary Party asserts that the opposition is manipulating what was stated in Law 20-23, because it refers to municipal candidates and President Louis Abi Nader is a presidential candidate, so this restriction does not affect him.

The Central Electoral Council and the Office of the Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes are aware of the complaints submitted by opponents.

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