De facto president Janine Anez has been arrested in Bolivia

Peace-. The Bolivian Public Prosecutor’s Office today ordered the arrest of former de facto chief Janine Anez, several members of her government and the military leadership over the investigations into the 2019 coup.

According to a document from the prosecutor’s office that Bolivia TV posted on his Twitter profile, Anez and the rest of the people associated with the arrest warrant have a record of foreign trips proving how easy it is to leave the country, thus evading their responsibility before. justice.

Former ministers Arturo Murillo must be detained with Anez; Defense Fernando Lopez; Presidency of Yerko Nونñez; Alvaro Rodrigo from The Energy Company; Justice Alvaro Coimbra.

As for the uniforms, the former Chiefs of the Navy of Palermo Gonzalez are represented by order of the Public Prosecutor; Air Force Jorge Gonzalo; And the army of Jorge Pasteur.

Arrest warrants have previously been issued against former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, William Clement, and other chiefs of police.

In November 2019, re-elected President Evo Morales was forced to resign amid violent demonstrations organized by the right and supported by the military and police sectors.

After the president’s resignation, a de facto government was formed headed by Anez, and demonstrations demanded the return of the constitutionally elected president and the return to democracy were severely suppressed.

Among the acts of repression recorded were the Senkata and Sakaba massacres, which killed 36 Bolivians and wounded more than 800.

Investigations indicate the accused is primarily responsible for these and other acts that violate human rights and the laws of the South American country.

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