Dominican coach not thinking of “beating Mexico”

A year ago he was the Mexican coach Jack Bassie He is preparing for the Concacaf Pre-Olympic Championship, even if he is looking for a ticket to a different choice than the one in his country.

“I don’t want to beat Mexico, I want to go to the Tokyo Games,” said the Dominican Republic Now strategist, who will be Tri Sub-23’s first competitor in the qualifiers in Guadalajara.

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The truth is, one thing leads to another, and he knows that although there is little hope that his team will surprise his team, “Nobody stops us from trying.”

Jack is one of the few Mexican coaches to try their luck in other countries, he was a couple of years ago in Saint Kitts and Nevis, and now he’s doing it in the Dominican Republic, where he’s not just taking charge of the pre-Olympics. But, from the first team, which is why “I come, train and leave, because on the same date FIFA will start the World Cup qualifying round for the Caribbean and for this reason I will only direct against Mexico.”

Basi is one of the few Mexican coaches to try his luck in the national team, he was two years ago in Saint Kitts and Nevis and now he does so in the Dominican Republic, where he is not just taking charge of the pre-Olympics. , It’s about the first team, and that is why he said the same: “I come, train and leave.” The important point is that at the same time as the Olympic preliminary games, the qualifying round for the World Cup will start for the lower ranked teams in CONCACAF, “This is impossible, physically I cannot leave in two and for this reason I will only direct the match against Mexico and I will have to go to the other matches. For the Major, but I leave the team in good hands. My first assistant Jonathan Heimlfarb will be in charge. I will be in the pre-Olympic stage focus and keep up until the match against Mexico and after that, my main task is what he is, no absolute coach does not give priority to the juniors 23, it is In fact, as much as I eat to be completely in these pre-Olympic games, I will not be able to do so. The third match of the Olympic preliminary round is played on the same day and at the same time as the first match of the World Cup qualifying round. “

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But he talks specifically about that first game, where he will be, commenting, “We are the 160th team in the world, and we are facing one of the first… Our team has its virtues, and we are clear that anything can happen in a game. I will not say, I am not the bragger who comes to say: “I will defeat Mexico”, but imagine that in the analysis of the match I only talk about Mexico, no, let’s talk about ourselves, who have the advantage of getting here, I was not the coach, but we are here and we will try to be This group of death (along with Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States) is four, not just three. “

His team is mostly made up of players coming from Europe, “Some are from the US and some from home, but I think we can play good games. I will not be competing with Mexico for possession of the ball, I will not be disqualified either. In the foreground, in the qualifying rounds you have to play. To win, score points, qualify, and how? What suits you best. We have a style of trying to be effective and to be able to compete. In Mexico’s style of play is more exaggerated than the score, calling a technician the score is an insult. There is a vision that the score technician He is the person who does not have a long-term vision. But they have something of value, which is the pursuit of effectiveness. We will try to give results. We are the least ranked, we are the least likely, but our vision in all possible means, to obtain a result. “

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He has a lot of respect for Jaime Lozano, Sub 23 coach, he even has a WhatsApp group, with him and with other technicians to share experiences, but this group is very quiet. Jaime is well prepared, he did a good job at Querétaro, he’s very smart. It seems to me that The Mexican national team is well balanced, we know them well and we can expect certain things, but in the end we all respect them. “

Jonathan Himelfarb, who will be in charge of the U23 team when Bassi enters the draw, commented: “This is not a great deal, it’s a great opportunity. Getting into the world from the US and Mexico is really a great move for the Dominican Republic, football that is barely developing. The group is so fierce, In the CONCACAF group this is Mexico, the United States and Costa Rica, you rarely see it, but I repeat, this is a great opportunity, because you never know what will happen and if you can get past, then you have already passed. The hardest. “

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