Crying Baby January 29 2022

Glossaries of the political reality of Panama on January 29, 2022


A group of Panamanians headed to Costa Rica to watch the national team matches, and after we left the anger at the zero we had put the Ticos team in, Wingo left them stranded yesterday on Costa Rica soil, because he says the plane was damaged. sacred!

second rage

He says they have been moved to a hotel and may return today. The case is that it looks like all of that trip was a bag of salt, because he lost his cell and they couldn’t make it back as planned. And the ticket is expensive. Mom!

on the narrow rope

The person on the tightrope is Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. Currently, the northern country is experiencing the largest protest in its history. About 50,000 truck drivers and about 1.4 million people are heading to Parliament in Ottawa to demand the prime minister’s resignation and a change in health policy. divine!


The UK has decided to support Panama with £2 million to help protect more than 500,000 square kilometers of ocean “including the Coiba mountain range in Panama”. This was reported by the English Embassy.


As gasoline rises, everything indicates that the cost of the base basket will also increase. A bad omen does not let something see assume the opposite.

what missed

The football experts were completely wrong in the match against Ticos. Finding a culprit solves nothing. We have to fix it and get the three points tomorrow against Jamaica. And leave Mexico defeating Costa Rica. Holy treat!

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good job

I was told that Percival Pigott deserved congratulations for his comments on the Costa Rica/Panama match. Smart, calculated, honest and in simple words. And the saying applies to him: “Good on the field is better in commentary.” Ooooo!


A former gendarme sent this question: Where do they put so many people who are arrested every day in police operations? More than 100 people are detained every day for various reasons. It seems that prisons will not have a place soon.

when you finish?

The street that runs behind Adán Gordon Pond has been repairing for over a month now. It’s just an enclosed building, but the roadblock is massive every afternoon. On cloudy days, it’s best not to even look around.


The Panamanian Sports Hall of Fame has become cool. We will be placing 14 melons for future construction. Fact: The Olympic Committee has its own facilities, which were built in less than a year.

no details

Someone asks me about rebuilding the School of the República de Venezuela. Not much is known about this project. Does anyone know anything?

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