Venezuelan Defense Minister invites his Colombian counterpart Canon

The Venezuelan Defense Minister described his Colombian counterpart as “exhaustion” after accusations of aggression against his country were considered frequent.

The Venezuelan Defense Minister, Vladimir Padrino Lopez, on Friday rejected the accusations made by his Colombian counterpart, Diego Molano, who seeks to involve the Bolivarian state in the recent attacks launched on the territory of the neighboring country.

Among the assumptions and prepositions are two recommendations to the frequent and exhausted neighboring minister. denounce padrino, of the 23 prepositions you can use all except “por”.

In this context, by a message Released on the social networking site Twitter, the Venezuelan president suggested to Molano to “advertise in front of the mirror” when he decides to “strengthen the fight against criminals.”

Padrino responded in this way to the accusation of Molano, who noted that last Thursday’s attacks against two battalions of the Colombian army in the provinces of Cesar and Norte de Santander (both in the northeast) were organized in Venezuela. Similarly, he accused President Nicolas Maduro’s government of protecting and supporting the National Liberation Army (ELN) in the country.

Also last December, Molano denounced the attack in the Colombian city of CĂșcuta (northeast), in which two policemen were killed, and was planned and financed by Caracas.


Venezuela has long dismissed such accusations, warning that the neighboring country is trying to create “false conflicts” and “increase tension between countries” rather than resolving crises through coordination.

The Maduro government declares respect for all international treaties, as well as its willingness to cooperate to settle disputes and establish guaranteed security and stability on the common border with Colombia, which has been the scene of serious conflicts since March 2021 against the “irregular” Colombian. Armed groups.

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With about 2,200 kilometers of shared border, Caracas and Bogota have maintained a tense confrontation in recent years. The two countries cut all diplomatic ties in 2019, after Colombia, which is administered by the United States, recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as the “interim president” of Venezuela. (Hispan TV)

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