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New record of infection in Catalonia, but with stable intensive care units

Omicron variable injuries continue to increase in Catalonia, especially among children and young adults, which means a new infection record for the entire epidemic with more than 243,000 in the past seven days, and the epidemiological curve continues to grow, although intensive care units remain stable and the number of outpatient visits decreases.

According to data updated on Monday by the Ministry of Health, today there are a total of 2,816 people have been accepted by Covid In Catalan hospitals, the number increased by 108 cases from yesterday, of which 506 were in serious condition in the intensive care unit, as was the case the day before, 349 were intubated and 19 were breathing outside the body.

the The risk of regrowth continues without reaching the ceiling, once again broke the record for the entire epidemic and settled at 6489 points, an increase of 106 points from yesterday, while the rate of spread of the disease (Rt) slowly slowed and reached 1.14, four hundred less than yesterday, when every 100 infected people, an average of 114 people.

increased inflammationMost with mild symptoms did not translate into an increase in outpatient visits, Although they are still collapsing, they are starting to notice a decrease in visits, which yesterday were 9,592 visits due to Covid, about 3,000 less than on Sunday last week, far from the epidemic record recorded in the seventeenth, with more than 102,000 visits . (F)

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