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the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom She not only leads the British royal family and enjoys the affection and appreciation of the citizens of England, but also has an extensive list of activities that require that you always look perfect and not miss any details. To do this, she has a group of workers she trusts, such as her royal assistant, who not only stands behind every dress or jewel she will wear, but also tries to put the shoes in front of her to see if they are comfortable. In this group there is also a housekeeper in your mansions and you are currently looking for one for Holyrood House located in Scotland, what are the requirements and salary required to apply for the available place? How do I access?

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monarch mother Charles Wells It relies on the staff working at Buckingham Palace or its other accommodations to perform daily tasks. Angela Kelly, official designer and royal assistant, revealed some details in her book Obverse of the coin: the queen, wardrobe and wardrobe Published in 2020. There’s no mention of it only on Christmas It could be five or even seven. Times when she changed her dress in one night, but, as her wardrobe custodian since 2002, she’s trying on the shoes.

“The Queen and I wear the same size, so I am in charge of putting on her shoes and walking with them, to see if they are comfortable.”And books in his book.

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Requirements to be Elizabeth II’s housemaid

The Royal House Employment Office published an advertisement for searching for employees a few days ago. As quoted by the portal Specify contract details.

The housekeeper looking for the queen Isabel II For the palace of Holyroodhouse, located in Scotland, he worked only 20 hours a week spread over four days, from Monday to Sunday.

Among his duties as service clerk are cleaning and maintaining interiors and articles, as well as receiving and caring for guests during the King’s events.

The UK Royal House requires the applicant to have the legal right to work in the country, have prior experience in cleaning and hospitality and pass an audit.

Elizabeth II housekeeper salary

For working 20 hours a week, the UK minimum wage is announced, which is £9.50 an hour ($12.96 an hour, about $250 a week).

In addition, it is reported that there is a 15% contribution to the employer’s pension, 33 days of vacation, a comprehensive benefits package, and access to a variety of recreational facilities and catering.

Applications for the position at the Palace of Holyroodhouse closed on January 21 and face-to-face interviews will be held on the 31st of this month, an essential step in ensuring that the person selected will meet 100% of the requirements Isabel II You will not put your life at risk.

Salary controversy

This isn’t the first time a call from Buckingham Palace has been announced. In October 2021, he launched a job offer with terms that were criticized by some. His Majesty was looking for inexperienced cleaning workers.

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“By joining our team of professionals in our London facility, It will maintain, clean and take care of a wide variety of interiors and items, making sure it is presented in the best light.”He pointed to the offer.

The criticism came about the salary because the conditions were not better. Which is that the annual salary for those who choose to work part-time is 11,300 pounds sterling, which at the exchange rate is about 15,500 dollars a year, i.e. a monthly payment of $1,290. If you work full time, you will be billed twice, which is $2.5080 per month.

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