Costa Rica tightens measures due to increase in Covid-19 cases – Prensa Latina

At an extraordinary press conference, almost held, Health Minister Daniel Salas revealed that in the past 24 hours they had discovered a record number of new positives for SARS-CoV-2, the cause of Covid-19, in the rapid growth of infection, in the past 24 hours, since Yesterday there were 2,434 new highs at the time.

To prevent further spread of the Coronavirus, Salas announced that the government has agreed to implement measures such as closing establishments and restricting vehicle movement during the week in the cantons (municipalities) of the Central Region, while the buildings attract public attention. It will be closed from 3 to 9 May next, except for essentials.

Likewise, from May 3 to May 31, weekday vehicle restrictions will apply to the Central Region cantons, which cover the County of Cartago and a large portion of those in San Jose, Alajuela and Heredia, being the largest and most densely populated of the six socioeconomic groups into which these are divided Nation.

The vehicle ban will continue from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM (local time), and as of next Monday, the closure of establishments that violate health protocols across the country increases to 15 days, which will be 30 days for repeat violators.

All production activities and industries can continue to operate while complying with sanitary protocols; Public transportation (buses and trains) will be able to operate normally without people standing up; Soon they will introduce a public health law reform to bolster operations against clandestine activities.

Salas explained that the procedures are mainly concentrated in the central region, because 68 per cent of confirmed cases accumulate in it during this month.

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For his part, the CEO of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS, responsible for public health in this country), Roman Macaya, warned that the national health system is almost reaching its maximum capacity for care, despite all efforts since then. March 2020, when the epidemic started here.

He warned that if this rapid increase in cases continues, the health system will enter a crisis, as it will not be able to care for all patients who need intensive care.

The less optimistic forecasts from specialists indicate that in about six days, Costa Rica could register about four thousand new cases of Covid-19 per day.

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