Canilo: “Mexico is not a safe place, which is why I am no longer here”

Am open to talking like never before, an interview Sayle “Canelo” AlvarezWith the journalist, Graham BissingerHe continues to give something to talk about, because among the many issues the boxer has touched on, one of the most striking has been a government issue. Mexico.

Without filters, the Tabatio He was strong with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s government, to ensure this Mexico It is no longer a safe place.

“Here (in Mexico) I have security, because of envy, because of the guy who is robbing you at a traffic light. That is why I am no longer here in Mexico because the situation is very insecure for me and my family The government does not care about that, it cares about other things. “

Remember that on some occasions, it’s the same Alvarez Suffered from some criminal incidents. On one occasion, it was known that some items had been stolen from Palenck, plus Kidnapping From one of his the brothers.

In passing, he proposed a tougher law against criminals in the Mexico, Although he explained that authoritiesNoel.

“I don’t want to go into it much because it’s the government’s job. I think putting in place an illegal law for whoever steals, so that they think about it more“.

A little help for this sport

Sale He also criticized the lack of support the authorities have given to sports in recent years, especially in Box.

The government’s job in Mexico is really bad. They worry about other things and the sport is not supported And less for boxing. It’s boxing that has given Mexico the utmost glory, and there is no support and I don’t know why. “

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Difficult beginnings in boxing due to corruption

Ciel Alvarez spoke of his beginnings, winning a national competition and never receiving the financial assistance they had promised him, blaming the leaders for keeping all the money.

“I became a professional because when I was going to represent Jalisco in the National Olympics, they would give me a lot (money), It wasn’t much, but it helped. It never came, and I didn’t get a single penny, it was stolen Everyone who was there. “

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