Costa Rica promotes biodiversity on the island of Isla del Coco – Prensa Latina

In connection with the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of Isla del Coco National Park (PNIC), which has been declared a World Heritage Site, Minae declared that the measures are aimed at counteracting factors that endanger the integrity of this protected area such as illegal fishing, pollution of the seas and the impact of climate change.

World scientists conduct research on evolution, species behavior and ecological monitoring in this exceptional place in Costa Rica, which has also been declared a wetland of global importance (1998), Costa Rica’s Historical Architectural Heritage (2002) and Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean Marine Corridor (2004).

Menai’s President, Andrea Mezza, noted that despite the efforts of national authorities and friendly organizations, the multiple threats faced by marine conservation require continuous action to protect its resources and create awareness within the sector.

For this reason, he indicated that only activities that fall within the framework of the general management plan with an interest in sustainable tourism are allowed, and with the exception of government employees who occupy the administrative headquarters in rotation, no one is allowed from the permanent route. .

The port clarified that the objective of strengthening the said program is to support the adoption of effective and timely management measures that would allow it to preserve its exceptional universal value.

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