In favor of the EU, but not too much of Europeanism

In the wake of the Brexit referendum in 2016, pro-European Britons saw their future outside the European Union in desperation.

EU leaders have been careful trying to gauge what that means for them, if it will affect their constituents at all.

Have attitudes toward the European Union changed? In partnership with polling stations Redfield and Wilton Strategies, euronews wanted to know the climate of opinion prevailing in the most important countries.

In the four largest countries surveyed, namely France, Germany, Italy and Spain, a strong majority would support remaining in the EU if there was a referendum. France and Italy are considered the least safe, although they are a few points below Germany, while in Spain there will be overwhelming support for the bloc.

Although if we ask what opinion the European Union deserves, the public is more divided.

In France and Germany less than half have a positive opinion, and in Italy only 50%. In Spain, only 9% of people have an unfavorable opinion of the union.

Confidence in European institutions could have been undermined by the success of the UK vaccination campaign alone against the EU programme. But it does not appear to be so.

In France, Germany and Spain, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is seen as a mistake. Only in Italy, despite the division of nationality, can it be seen with good eyes, all this despite the fact that the majority want their country to remain a member of the European Union.

The effects of Britain’s exit from the European Union were felt five years later. For most Europeans, it continues to ask more questions than answers, because one thing that is certain is that Europe is no longer the same continent as it was in 2016.

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