Costa Rica lifts restrictions on Mexican avocado imports

In a press conference at the presidential house after the cabinet, Chavez made it clear that Costa Rica respects its international obligations, and added that it seeks to lift these restrictions to defend the country from possible economic sanctions and the claims of millionaires.

In 2015, Costa Rica unilaterally decided to ban the import of Mexican Hass avocados, stating that a pest called Sunblotch Viroid (sunspot) could enter with its entry.

Last April, the World Trade Organization published the final report of the panel of experts that examined the issue raised by Mexico in March 2017, under the international entity’s Dispute Resolution Understanding.

As a result of the measures put in place by Costa Rica regarding the import of avocados from countries where there is an avocado plague Sunblotch Viroid, a panel has examined the controversy raised, which consists of three neutral members, experts in WTO law and phytosanitary matters.

After several exchanges of writings and hearings with the parties and specialists in the matter, experts first concluded that the measures taken by Costa Rica are aimed at protecting the country from the spot of the sun.

Second, they state that because it is a legitimate objective (phytosanitary protection), the measures represent no greater degree of trade restrictions than would be required to achieve that objective, and amount to an adequate level of phytosanitary protection.

However, the third point of the Commission’s report that it raises, Costa Rica must amend the measures established for aspects related to pest risk analysis and pest control and verification processes, and to conclude that the scientific basis is insufficient.

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Likewise, it considers that the decisions in question discriminate against the imported product, because they set different conditions for the national avocado, which puts disguised restrictions on international trade.

Finally, it recommends that Costa Rica take measures consistent with its commitments under multilateral trade.

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