Colombia ratified its commitment to strengthening CARICOM

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during the meeting the objectives of the Colombian presidency of the Atomic Energy Commission were highlighted, which include strengthening the organization by enhancing the sustainability and resilience of marginalized communities, while incorporating the ancestral knowledge of indigenous and African peoples. – Caribbean communities.

In addition, the memorandum added that priority will be given to the agenda that will address the impact of climate change in the region, and strengthen projects to confront its impacts.

This dialogue space with the Special Mission of the Atomic Energy Commission, led by its Secretary-General, Rodolfo Sabong, is the first event held by Colombia in its interim presidency of the Association, and includes the participation of the Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs, Elizabeth Taylor.

The official reaffirmed the country’s commitment to promoting democracy and peace in the region, and stressed the importance of strengthening and strengthening cooperation with partners outside the region to address challenges such as the sargassum crisis and improve connectivity in the region.

The statement indicated that the Directorate of International Cooperation and the Department of Economic, Social and Environmental Affairs of the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also participated in the meeting with the aim of coordinating strategic measures that will be developed during the Colombian presidency of the Association of Caribbean Nations.

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