After playing Path of Exile 2, it became clear to me that despite its similarity to Diablo, it brings its own essence with a huge amount of hours before it.

A brutal action RPG that takes you into a dark and epic fantasy world

Since I started playing the first Diablo game, I have declared myself an unconditional fan of the saga, but I have friends who always recommended giving Path of Exile a chance, because they were convinced that if I liked the series created by Blizzard I would do it. Would love to hit this one Action RPG Developed by Grinding Gear Games.

And now I can confirm that they were not wrong at all. And not because I decided to try this game in question, but because during the trip to Summer Game Fest in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to play for an hour Path of Exile 2, the second part of this series. In fact, it made me feel so good that I wouldn’t mind at all having more time for it Continue enjoying your epic fantasy world.

A brutal RPG capable of captivating you with astonishing ease

Once you start the campaign, the first thing the game asks you to do is Choose one of the six available categories With a rather strange choice screen, because it turns out that all the characters are about to die by hanging. However, the rope she chooses ends up breaking, allowing our hero to escape across the river and thus escape safely, although fate did not smile on the rest in the same way.

Before continuing, I must say this This beta was made on the console version, so I was able to use the control knob with an interface that is very intuitive and perfectly adapted for those who prefer to choose to play on these platforms. The controls are very simple and all skills are assigned to their corresponding buttons, so there is no problem in that sense.

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So, even though I chose the Huntress, there was also the possibility of choice Witch, new class Which will be very familiar to players Satan His ability to become a necromancer and thus summon all kinds of creatures that can fight alongside him. On the other hand, the option you chose fires arrows at maximum speed that can be applied with variable effects, such as freezing or delivering electric shocks.

For anyone new, as was my case, there it is A very well designed series of lessons They provide the help needed to learn how to play. The events are brutal with a very frenetic pace in this adventure that first starts out in fairly linear scenarios until reaching the first main town, where there are many shops to buy pieces of equipment, sell items, rest, etc.

From there the journey progresses Very complete map with different accessible areasEither to continue the main tasks or to carry out some secondary tasks assigned to it. In order to explore, you entered a forest full of infernal creatures of all kinds, because if there is something that is not missing in this game, it is a wide variety of monsters and the fact is that all of them can boast of possessing extremely aggressive behavior and its patterns, so do not be careless at any time, not even At this early stage.

Here the more linear areas were left out, so I did not waste the opportunity to explore every corner to discover the secrets it holds and thus continue to put my hunter skills into practice. Moreover, one of the biggest novelties lies in some of them Gems capable of granting upgrades and changes To existing capabilities to make them more destructive.

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But what surprised me most when I started leveling up was His giant skill tree. I’ve never seen one as massive as the one in this game in all my life, with hundreds of skills, both passive and active, to choose from as the character gets stronger. Just opening the menu and taking a look at it will amaze you with how massive it is, ensuring that it is almost impossible for two characters to be identical.

Also added is the fact that the six categories to be identified introduce another group, which in principle would constitute a total of 12 categories. However, they each have three specializations, so they actually are There are 36 types of breeds. It’s a real brutality that shows just how complete and deep this game is in terms of hours, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was able to easily captivate you for months.

Upon returning to the forest, I ended up finding a cave that led to a somewhat labyrinthine underground passage where new enemies were waiting for me and at the end of the path… The final boss is in the form of a giant worm. The truth is that it was a very difficult battle and it took me a few tries, so I decided to go back and get a little stronger and improve my equipment. This reminded me too Satan Being similar in terms of design and distribution, as well as the fact that you have to use scrolls, which you rarely find, which are used to identify magic items and thus unlock all their stats.

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When I returned for the second round, this time even with new vials in which, depending on the vials you equipped, you could use more potions, the situation took a 180 degree turn. So I was able to give this worm a good hit to end this testing session on a high note. Path of exile 2 It couldn’t have left me feeling more satisfied. Time spent at controls It passed quickly It seemed to me to be a very worthy alternative for those who love this type of game.

In another context, I found the quality sublimeBecause her settings seem scandalous with that dark and sinister touch. Additionally, performance doesn’t drop at any point, as the action plays at a constant rate of 60 frames per second, regardless of how many enemies and effects appear across the screen. And don’t forget, it’ll be free to play with microtransactions, so there’s even more reason to try it out.

Path of exile 2 release date

Its release date has not been confirmed yet Path of exile 2. In principle it is expected to be In November When early access is enabled on PS5, Xbox Series

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