Colombia is willing to temporarily accept an unknown number of Afghans

BOGOTA, August 23 (EFE) – Colombia’s Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marta Lucia Ramirez, said on Monday that although it is not known how many Afghans will reach South America, they will be temporarily detained. If they are transferred to the United States or upon arrival, the country is ready to receive them.

We are not sure at this time the exact number of Afghans coming to our country, nor do we know when (they will come) or what their profiles are, how many men, and how. Many women, how many families, will come with children…” Ramirez told the media.

“We are ready… We assure you that all the logistics will be ready when you ask us for these people to arrive,” he said.

Colombian President Ivan Duke confirmed last Friday that his country will emigrate temporarily and “provide support to Afghans who have provided assistance for many years” and that US officials are “in the process of registering and immigrating” to the United States.

Five government ministries must coordinate the arrival of Afghans so they can follow life-saving protocols and, among other things, ensure visitors are vaccinated against the government19 when they land in Colombia. Already (vaccinated)

“In the case of these people, it will be a temporary humanitarian permit and will not even require a visa,” the foreign minister said, adding that “people who go to the United States are granted refugee visas.”

Colombia is working to create bases for Afghans so they can be “comfortable” when they stay, what the US is paying for, and the government hopes they’ll all be together in the same city, “maybe Bogota”.

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The mayors of Barranquilla and Galle, and the mayor of Bogota, have opened the doors of their cities to welcome Afghanistan.

“We need to know how many people are coming because … they need to get to a place that welcomes these vulnerable people from Afghanistan, where they can settle down and reorganize their lives,” Ramirez emphasized.

The Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15 after their fighters entered the city without confronting Afghan forces and all the provinces under their control, prompting then-Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to leave the country.

The United States finally began withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan in May, and now with the Taliban advancing and apprehended, Washington is committed to accelerating the expulsion of Americans from Central Asian countries. Including translators, local workers, and other citizens who helped Americans work there.

A US State Department spokesperson clarified on Netflix Friday that Colombia is not the only Latin American country temporarily hosting Afghanistan, adding that many countries are willing to provide sanctuary for “at-risk” Afghans.

In addition to Colombia, the Latin American countries where prices were announced in Afghanistan are Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Albania, Canada, Kosovo, Macedonia, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Rwanda, Ukraine and Uganda. He said they are willing to accept some refugees.

In addition, many countries have admitted in recent hours that they have allowed US military aircraft expelled from Afghanistan to refuel on their soil, including Denmark, Germany, Italy, Qatar and the United Kingdom.


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