La Nación / The number of work suspensions has decreased to 6000, according to the Minister of Labor

The Minister of Labor, Carla Basigalupo, said that at the moment there are nearly 6000 workers suspended, which reflects an almost complete reactivation of the sectors that drive the economy, although she emphasized that the commercial sector remains one of the sectors that still has a higher proportion of collaborators those arrested.

“The number of people who remain dissatisfied with their companies has decreased significantly. We now have 6000 unemployed workers, mainly in the hardest hit sectors such as commerce, and to a lesser extent in restaurants and hotels,” he explained.

It should be noted that the number of people suspended from work has reached more than 100,000 workers per month. “The drop in wage workers has taken place dramatically in the private sector. Also in the independent. In the service sector, trade was the hardest hit.

Basigalupo said the intent was to maintain until the end of the year manpower suspensions in two slowly recovering sectors. The affected areas are still restaurants and hotels. Another sector, he explained, is trade and manufacturing.

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He commented that there was a significant increase in the number of job seekers. We have an increase in new underemployment. We have a large number of part-time job seekers. Maybe not as much as we would like. Policies must be made towards people. “There are sources of employment and what has not been found is qualified labor,” he said.

148 new jobs are available this week in the Employment Window of the Ministry of Labor, which is offered by many private sector companies located in Asuncion, the cities of the Central Administration and many other cities in the interior of the country, which are looking for qualified workers for various activities.

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Among the vacancies are 55 seamstresses for a clothing company located in the city of Mariano Roque Alonso; Also 55 people to work in telemarketing in San Lorenzo and Asunción; In addition to kitchen staff, automobile technicians, automobile branch managers of several cities at home.

Likewise, waiters, cashiers, pharmaceutical chemists, cutter/vendor of a tissue import company, import manager of an auto parts company, transport truck driver, civil engineering engineer, quality control assistant, accounting assistant, electromechanical or electronics technician, baker, Java SR developer, from Among other functions.

These vacancies can be found at the following link:, where all the required jobs are updated weekly, with reference to the profile required by the companies.

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