China summons UK ambassador over article it called “inappropriate”

Madrid, March 10 (Europe Press) –

The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned the UK’s ambassador to the country, Caroline Wilson, on Tuesday to publish an article critical of Beijing’s policy towards the international media, which the government described as “inappropriate”.

According to the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, compiled by the “Global Times”, the ambassador’s writings are partial and “full of arrogance and ideological biases,” which does not match the diplomatic picture.

In the article posted on the embassy’s official WeChat social media account, Wilson defended foreign media that have been sanctioned for publishing false news, according to Chinese authorities. The ambassador defended the work of the international media in the Asian country and stressed that its behavior is “independent” without prejudice to the nation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that “the Chinese government and people have never opposed the foreign press, but rather the media that churns out false news and brutally attacks China (…) under the banner of freedom of the press and expression.”

After the Beijing call, Wilson added on his Twitter account that he continues to “approve” his article. The relationship between London and Beijing in the media field suffered from escalating tensions, after the United Kingdom withdrew the broadcasting license for the Chinese television CGTN and China did the same with the BBC International channel.

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