China is stepping up support for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the comprehensive management of health passports

These documents will contain important data related to vaccination and tests to detect the disease.

According to the expert, they will be under Responsibility of that agency specialized in Key UN issues such as independence, transparency and data protection, as well as rules and procedures Specific for this.

It is estimated that this mechanism could work in a period of between two or three months, depending on how other countries declare and their project in this regard, in order to make this applicable.

A superfluous effect could occur at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in the summer, when they are expected to be fully ready.

The information file official’s proposal responds to WHO’s concerns about a Chinese issuance of an international health certificate, which would guarantee the security of that country’s trips abroad.

The health passport in question contains an encrypted code in order to ensure the privacy of the information, includes relevant data for health control and represents safer credentials regarding the status of its holder.

she hasLikewise, L.The comparative advantage of the 14-day compulsory confinement exemption upon arrival in the Asian country, while easing movement restrictions on Chinese soil, Without the need for new tests.

However, this international organization specializing in health has warned of the complexity of the issue, as it means adapting to international regulations, and in a context in which immunization difficulties and uncertainty about the effectiveness and importance of some materials before the new registered strains of the virus remain.

The course of negotiations at the international level may slow downBecause that assumes that the barrier of recognition of the efficacy and safety of vaccines developed in any country has been overcome.

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(With information from Prensa Latina)

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