Chelsea sold out: who are the main stakeholders and what requirements do they have to meet

Chelsea for sale

on March 12 Premier League Announced the official dismissal of the billionaire Roman Abramovich as the main face of Chelsea Under the sanctions package that Europe imposed on government-linked businessmen Russian President Vladimir Putin for attacks Russia to Ukraine. In this context, the English club, which still has permission to continue the competition, was banned from selling tickets, signing new players, renewing contracts and selling merchandise, among other measures. So, Negotiations began over the purchase of the London team by a new owner.

Since the sanctions against Russia Abramovich started in United kingdom, many potential buyers appeared upon noticing a fruitful deal. The fact that another hero Champions League An animator leading Attracts hundreds of investors. This is the site daily Mail reported that There are already more than 200 interested in obtaining blues.

“It appears to be a ‘bag display’ process similar to that of a world boxing event,” Stephen Taylor Heath, Boxing’s director of sports law, told the British site. JMW Lawyers. In such a scenario, the bank that handles the sale, the group renLiterally Conduct the auction process and announce the winner.”

The deadline for submitting the official interest is Friday, March 18th. By then, who wants to buy Chelsea Not only must you submit an offer, but you must also prove that you meet a series of requirements set by the club itself. “Bidders will be required to submit a letter of proof of funds, a complete list of consultants, a business plan and a completion schedule to accompany their bids,” notes the site revealing that Marina Granovskaya, one of the visible faces of the English group, is advising potential buyers.

The current Champions League champion may close its sale in the coming days (Reuters)
The current Champions League champion may close its sale in the coming days (Reuters)

Potential buyers are also requested to provide their motivation for the offer and a detailed background report on all investors.refers to the portal that expects that everyone who will remain in the club must respect the contracts of all current employees of the organization and comply with all contractual obligations and existing financial obligations.

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At the same time, The purchase must be approved by the British Government So state-linked funds may have repercussions. For example, the acquisition of Newcastle by Saudi group Still under discussion in Premier Leagueso if it is a similar investor, this offer can be excluded.

It is worth explaining AbramovichOwner Chelsea Since 2003, the British government has accused him of obtaining financial benefits from the Kremlin, as well as being One of the top businessmen who is currently cooperating financially with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For this reason, Chelsea Corporation will endeavor to close its sale to a business with a different profile than its current owner to avoid any future conflicts of this nature.

Among the more than 200 potential buyers, Highlights of the American-led consortium would you like to BohliOwner of the Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Club. The Daily Telegraph He wrote that the businessman had sent his offer through Raine Bank, located in New York. The Swiss millionaire also stands out Hansgeorg WeissThe 86-year-old, founder of medical equipment company Synthes, according to the Swiss newspaper Blake.

according to him financial timesAnother American Millionaire Josh HarrisHe’s also considering making an offer. Former fund manager Apollo Global Management, He is already in English football, as a co-owner of Crystal Palace, so he will need to part with this team, which is also in London. The last person to show interest is the Turkish millionaire disgraceful.

Roman Abramovich has been the club's owner since 2003 (Action Images)
Roman Abramovich has been the club’s owner since 2003 (Action Images)

Meanwhile, given the lack of liquidity caused by Abramovich’s freeze, Chelsea asked the British government on Monday to agree to sell tickets“We are asking the government to allow our fans to get tickets,” the team said in a statement. “There were meetings every day to find a solution. The Premier League and the FA are also discussing with the government the issues of sporting integrity caused by (this situation) if fans are not allowed to attend matches,” the club adds in the text.

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Currently, the government has given the club a special license after a series of sanctions against the Russian oligarchy that prevents Chelseaand by extension to AbramovichGenerate new income. The license has already been modified from the one initially applied, with the spending limit for match days increased from 500,000 Egyptian pounds ($655,000) to 900,000 Egyptian pounds ($1.178 million). What is more, The sale will take place as long as the Russian oligarchy does not profit from it.

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