Face ID with new mask, emoji, global control and more news

after Confirm your release In the last keyword and after weeks of beta releases, Apple finally released the final and stable iOS 15.4 for everyone. Its older brother, iPadOS 15.4, is now also available. These releases bring important news and finish fulfilling all that was promised at WWDC21. Yes, it took Apple nine months to do this.

All news about iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4

The most important novelty in iOS 15.4 is without a doubt universal controlwhich finally appears and is combined with macOS 12.3 to Use multiple iPads and Macs with just one keyboard And a mouse without having to format anything. This feature appeared in previous beta versions, but it disappeared until now before the respective stable versions arrived.

Another novelty worth highlighting is the possibility of Use Face ID to unlock iPhone with mask. You have to go through another facial recognition process, but Apple has been able to find a way to do this unlock without analyzing our nose or mouth and without relying on the Apple Watch. Surely for this reason alone, many people will want to download this update, though be careful: it only works on iPhone 12 or later. We can Try it last month It works great.

This may not be necessary now due to the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, but iOS 15.4 also allowed Embed vaccination certificate in Wallet Just by reading its QR code and without relying on websites such as the Ministry of Health of Spain.

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Apple also released watchOS 8.5, tvOS 15.4, and the new firmware 15.4 for HomePods. The update covers almost all of the company’s devices, so there’s an afternoon to back up and update everything.

Here is a list of the rest of the new features of iOS 15.4:

  • the new Anti-harassment measures for AirTags Originated As a result of fraudulent use made by some people.
  • iCloud Keychain can now Keep notes on every password we save.
  • Third-party developers can exploit the 120Hz animation on the iPhone 13 Pro.
  • New emoji With more variations of handshakes, nests, lips, disco balls and more expressions.
  • On iPads, it’s now possible Magic Keyboard brightness control Even from the control center.
  • Custom domain options can now be managed in iCloud + from your iPhone or iPad.
  • The post list now includes Share the game.
  • passkeythe system by which we can identify ourselves without any password in those places where it is integrated, is already included.
  • Feedback now allows you to configure effective corner gestures.
  • There are improvements to the charging level of AirPods on the screen.

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