“La Sagra Sky Race” gathers 550 runners

The city council of Puebla de Don Fadrik and the Balabac Athletic Club organized last Saturday the mountain race known as Holy Sky Race, Which this year constitutes one of the stages of the Andalusia Mountain Racing Cup, organized by the Andalusian Federation of Mountain Sports, Climbing and Hiking (FAM).

Take part in the race 550 runners Of all the independent communities in Spain, with the provinces of Murcia, Granada and Alicante, in that order, it was the ones that contributed the most runners.

The Sagra Sky Race pioneer One of the mountain races in Andalusia, which is why runners from the United Kingdom, France, Italy or Belgium also participate.

This sporting event was marked by Regulatory Publishing From over 100 professionals including Civil Guards, local police, restrooms, organizational club staff and volunteers belonging to the Piedra de La Rendija hiking club in Puebla de Don Fadrique, all to attend the race organization and help fellow runners.

The race is not only a first-class sporting event in the national framework, but also a very important economic injection for the hotel and service sector. Puebla de Don Fadrik And the region, where the total influx of about two thousand people is calculated, who use the bars, restaurants, country houses and hotels located in the territory.

racing noon Four ways 10 km, 16 km, 28 km and 42 km, the latter two with positive slopes of 1900 m and 2600 m, respectively.

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In addition, this year was today kids race For children up to 12 years old.


The winners of the 28th edition were Juan Javier Jimenez Oller and Christina Salazar Ramirez, while Hugh Chatfield and Maria Victoria Soler Jimenez won the 42 km race.

The event was presented on Friday afternoon and was attended by the Mayor of Puebla de Don Fadrik, Laura Gomez Sánchez, who invited all participants and attendants to discover the benefits of the inhabited municipality.

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