Raul Sarmiento and his sad story on leaving TV: “I don’t know if I will tell again”

The blunt story of Raul Sarmiento when he left Televisa: “I don’t know if he will tell again” (Image: Youtube / Rabona’s Notes)

In the middle of 2019, the sports department of Televisa Taking a radical turn in the development of multimedia content, since sections TDN (Televisa Sports Network) and Nigeria Sports (from the US), combined to allow entry to TUDNthe company’s new sports space that will be a unique standard in Central and North America.

With the entry of this new venture, several contracts within the company were not renewed and he was among those who sacrificed Raul Sarmientoone of the most experienced reporters and historians on Mexican sports television, who has stepped aside Televisa After more than 30 years of her association with her.

After opening your channel Youtube And join the newspaper 24 hourscreator of the famous phraseThe ball is at the bottom“He was honest through an interview with Rabona’s noteswhere he struck a chord about his present, but looked gleefully at his successful past as a sports journalist.

Raul Sarmiento, journalist and sports commentator (Image: Instagram / @raulsarmientodiaz)
Raul Sarmiento, journalist and sports commentator (Image: Instagram / @raulsarmientodiaz)

In the first preview of the interview, Raul Sarmiento se mostró fiel a su personalidad y mediante enunciados bien estructurados y con un toque de nostalgia, repasó los momentos más duros de su vida, sus mejores experiencias al frente de un microfono y su particular sentimiento águila de los americanism up to date.

“There are difficult moments, but you have to try to get something positive from everyone. Lawsuits with teammates, not playing professional football, Not narrating now and saying “Maybe this phase is over” is hard“, claimed Sarmiento In the first conversation tapes, after being asked about the most complex moments of his career.

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Despite the mentioned events, he emphasized in explaining that the most difficult moments he experienced were not in his profession, giving an example of the day when he lost his parents, with whom he formed a very special bond and even conveyed American sentiments. .

Raul Sarmiento with Ricardo Pelaez and a group of commenters from Televisa (Image: Instagram / @raulsarmientodiaz)
Raul Sarmiento with Ricardo Pelaez and a group of commenters from Televisa (Image: Instagram / @raulsarmientodiaz)

Before I mention when the first big change in his life happened, Sarmiento Give an overview of how he got to the top televised sports At the dawn of the World Cup United States 1994A stage in which he confirmed his development from a commentator and field reporter to a football storyteller.

“There are so many great and memorable moments. I think the best is yet to come, and I don’t stay in the past. I’ve had a great time enjoying a thousand things. I’ve attended the world championships, the Olympics, But if I stay at it, I won’t enjoy the following”, said Raul about the most memorable moment of his career.

“I think I can still do a lot of things, I don’t know if I will narrate again, maybe if there is a good show”

Raul Sarmiento with Antonio de Valdes and Televisa Deportes commentators (Image: Instagram/@raulsarmientodiaz)
Raul Sarmiento with Antonio de Valdes and Televisa Deportes commentators (Image: Instagram/@raulsarmientodiaz)

In this post previously on the channel Youtube From rabon notes, She has over 86,000 subscribers and is known for her interviews with great personalities from the Mexican sports media. Raul Sarmiento He also explained what it was like to be an American in the 1960s, as well as the special moments he experienced on the international stage.

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“I’ve told goals for Mexico in the World Cup, I’ve seen the world champion recount, I’ve seen America the champion, playing against Barcelona and Real Madrid outside Mexico, the Club World Championship, the Mexicans winning a gold medal on the field… God bless, that’s all I can tell you. It was amazingHe confirmed in a farewell tone.

finally, Sarmiento He left a brief anecdote about his beginnings as a journalist that is now evaluated differently in the past. He concluded by saying that life, due to various circumstances, gave me this opportunity to say perhaps “even here” precisely in the sixties, I don’t know.

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