Chelsea announces its new owner; Lack of permission from the UK government – Zocalo newspaper

Mexico City. – sale Chelsea by Roman Abramovich is, according to daily telegraph, fact. The new businessman who reached an agreement to buy the London club is Todd Boyle, contributor to Los Angeles Lakers and the owner Dodgers.

The agreement is encoded with 4.7 billion euros And now it remains only for the British government and the Premier League to give the green light to this change of ownership. Something will happen before the end of May.

directed by Abramovich subordinate Chelsea After the sanctions imposed by the British government on the Russian billionaire due to the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, the purchase of the European Cup holder has become a matter of paramount importance. Various names in the arena with characters like Serena Williams also Lewis Hamilton In Thickness. Complex bidding, as nothing can proceed without the permission of investment bank Raine – which he manages – and the offices of Downing Street.

Bohli He is no stranger to the world of sports, he participates in two of the most famous sports teams in the world. He is a contributor to Los Angeles Lakers – NBA, Basketball- The owner in part Los Angeles Dodgers-MLB, Baseball-, Millions of dollar franchises, followed by millions of fans, and above all franchise winners.

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