Checo Pérez blasts Red Bull’s failed UK Grand Prix strategy

The Mexican explained who made the decision to put on the medium tyres when the rain was not yet heavy.

This weekend wasn’t the best. Sergio “Chico” Perez in it British Grand Prix After strategy Red Bull He will not succeed in the playoffs as he was eliminated from the first division and in the race as Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) took the victory.

he Mexican He started 19th and only regained two positions, remaining in 17th without a chance to score points. After the race, Tapatio Explain what happened in Silverstone After a bad strategy on the part of his team.

Chico Perez furious after UK Grand Prix

Not even the new parts in his power unit that forced him to start from the pit lane prevented another pit strategy failure. And with the rain starting to come, Perez and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) They decided to move to the intermediate compound, but the truth is that they only lost seconds because the Silverstone asphalt was still ready to continue using the slicks and led to the deterioration of the special tyres.

Sergio Perez He lost two laps to the leaders and his sacrifices only led to the knowledge that it was not the right time to give Verstappen a break, who was fighting for victory.

We tried. We try to take risks. At that moment it started to rain and we had information that more rain was coming but unfortunately it didn’t come at any time. Everything got complicated in the end, we stayed outside waiting for the rain but when we were riding with the medium tyre in those conditions it completely destroyed it and when it started raining I had no tyre left. “I had to go back,” the pilot explained.

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finally, Czech Perez He stressed that the main problem was the first stop and that despite his attempts he could not even fight for the fastest lap.

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The end of Sergio's career

End of Sergio “Checo” Perez’s career. Disastrous weekend for the Mexican in Great Britain. He made a mistake on Saturday and today the team made a strategy mistake when changing tires.

“At the end we tried to do the fastest lap and I had no grip or temperature. “So, it was complicated because we couldn’t get the temperature. Nothing worked since the first stop we did, everything was ruined for us.”“The Mexican said.

When asked who made the decision and why, if they had the same information as Max Verstappen, they would have chosen a different risk, “It was a team decision,” Perez replied. “At that time there was a bit of a risk in the situation we were in. They tried, they took risks and nothing we did worked,” concluded the Mexican, who is now outclassed by Piastri in the Drivers’ Cup.

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