High-level research is being conducted at BEMARENA.

The University Centre of the South Coast (CUCSur) hosted the conference. 17th Annual Doctoral Meeting in Biosystems, Ecology and Management of Natural and Agricultural Resources (BEMARENA)It is an academic event that brings together students, professors and researchers from the three university centers that make up this program: the University Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCBA), the Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCBA), the Center for Biological and Agricultural Sciences (CUCosta) and the CUCSur itself.

Luis Manuel Martinez Rivera, PhD coordinator, pointed out that since 2007, This meeting is held annually to review the progress of doctoral students and encourage meetings between students and professors.“It is an important space where we discuss ongoing research and the problems or limitations we face.”

Likewise, there are research offerings ranging from marine to mountain ecosystems. «The investigations are of a high standard and cover a wide range of topics. This year, we had 53 presentations, 50 of which were from active students and three from postdoctoral researchers.

Martinez Rivera commented on this. The PhD emphasizes the importance of social vengeance and solving regional and national problems.for this reason “Students take their findings to communities, industries and authorities.”

The objectives of this PhD are:Training of high academic quality human resources in the field of biological and agricultural sciences; FTraining researchers, teachers and professionals in the knowledge, management and use of living organisms, natural and agricultural resources andContribute to scientific progress, both basic and applied, in specialized fields related to the program.

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The Doctorate, linked to the National System of Postgraduate Studies (SNP), of the National Council for Humanities, Science and Technology, has important infrastructure such as the scientific station in Las Joyas and a research vessel on the coast of Melaque, which are crucial for the development of research projects.

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