Check out the funniest photos from the finalists for the 2021 Wildlife Comedy Awards

Gray seal, christened Mr. Giggles (Mr. Laughs), captured by Martina Novotna in Ravenskar, UK. Photo: Martina Novotna.

These are some photos from 42 finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photograhy Awards 2021, which reward the funniest photos of animals taken by photographers from around the world.

Awards founders Paul Johnson Hicks and Tom Slam, Both professional photographers and enthusiastic conservators.

In addition to showcasing the humorous moments of the animals, the competition aims to highlight the important message of wildlife conservation in an interactive and positive way.

The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on October 22nd. In the meantime, here you can see some pictures that are sure to make you smile.

The langur is considered a sacred monkey in India. Photo: Sarush Lodi.

Bicolor starling. Photo: Andrew Mayes.

Two brown bears play in Russia. Photo: Andy Parkinson.

Raccoon is a jungle animal. Photo: Brooke Borling.

The Hamadrian baboon lives in semi-desert and rocky areas. Photo: Clemence Gennard.

The burrowing owl is small and long-legged. They are mainly found in open landscapes in America. Photo: Anita Ross.

Mud jumpers are a type of amphibian and are known for their ability to survive both in and out of the water. Photo: Chu Han Lin.

The tiger inhabits the Asian continent. Photo: Siddhanth Agrawal.

Smooth otter inhabits from eastern India to Southeast Asia. Photo: Chi Kee Teo.

This animal is called the giant Alaskan bear due to its large size. Photo: Wenona Suydam.

(taken from BBC)

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