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On behalf of the Dominican Committee for Solidarity with Venezuela, Manuel Colon, who mentioned how leader Hugo Chávez left his life on March 5, 2013, intervened to leap into immortality, a loyal follower of Simon Bolivar’s thought and one of the most emblematic of contemporary leaders. To our America.

Likewise, he said that his departure was physical, as his glory remained latent in the hearts of all Venezuelans, and his example is a light and guide to the people of Latin America and the world.

He pointed out that Chávez in Venezuela is a path and continuity, and under the leadership of Nicolás Maduro and other leaders, sovereignty and peace are safe.

Finally, he said that Venezuela will always have the support of the people of the world, among them the Dominicans.

And he criticized the position of his country’s government on the Bolivarian process and “the courage to ignore the results of the recent elections in that sister country, which won fairly and square.”

Chávez, born in Sabaneta, Barinas state, was elected president in December 1998 and reelected several times.

Due to a terminal illness, he was unable to take up his fourth presidential term after winning the election on October 7, 2012.

On March 5, 2013, the then Venezuelan president passed away at the age of 58, after nearly three decades at the helm of his country focused on implementing a transformative process for the benefit of his people.

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