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John XXIII Foundationan entity that has been working for more than 55 years for the social and practical inclusion of people with psychosocial vulnerabilities, especially those with intellectual disabilities and/or mental illnesses, opened To the fullest extenthis new position Center for Psychological and Social Health It is located in Fontarrabia Street, 13 (In front of the Royal Textile Factory) in the Retiro district of Madrid.

The opening ceremony was attended, among others, by: Director General and Deputy Director for the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities of the Community of Madrid, Alejandra Serrano Fernandez and Silvia Méndez Urrutiarespectively; María Luz Calvo Picazo, Deputy Director General for Labor Guidance and Mediation of the Community of MadridAnd Angel Ramos Sanchez, Vicalfaro District Councilor.

A changing world puts mental and social health at risk

In addition to Global threats to this immediate communitySuch as climate change, geopolitical conflicts or economic crises, it must be taken into account that there are Especially vulnerable groups Who could be affected by other threats that are posed Risking your mental and social health. If we look at age groups, we must highlight the groups at risk: childhood and adolescence, as well as the transition to adulthood, and finally the elderly.

the The consequences of these threats It is, in many cases, uncertain, turning the near future into a void that many fear to fall into and which can cause very different situations, responses and even illnesses if the right tools are not available.

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To the fullest extent Born as a response to these challenges by offering Comprehensive solutions to address psychological and social problemsBecause protecting mental and social health is essential for a stronger, healthier, more just and more inclusive society.

Comprehensive care model

he Center for Psychological and Social Healthwhich opened its doors on June 20, aims to Providing comprehensive care through comprehensive services to all people, especially those at risk or those in a state of psychosocial vulnerability, the job Social, family, work and leisure areas. And so it worked To the fullest extent Covers all ages, with a particular focus on youth, and ranges from Prevention, early detection, assessment, care and rehabilitation them, contributing to improving their independence, personal development, well-being and quality of life.

Through it, various therapeutic and social services are provided based on a comprehensive vision of the person. this 360 vision°allows you to work in a transversal and multidisciplinary way not only with it, but also with its surrounding environment, using this Innovative methodologies and advanced technologies.

This way, there is Health social services how Psychology, cognitive stimulation, psychiatry, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology. On the other hand, SumaMente, which includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals, also offers other types of services, all concentrated in the same space, such as Information and guidance, work mediation and supported employment, legal guidance and mediation, mental health, independence and independent living, leisure and sport.

There is no doubt that the launch of this project reflects the social work that Fundación Juan XXIII has been doing for many years and may initially reach 2,200 beneficiaries. Furthermore, the goal is for people with fewer resources to be able to access these services for free or at a discount.

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to Javier ArroyoDirector General of the Chapter Twenty-Three Foundation, “We live in a world full of uncertainties and complexities where we must prevent and protect our mental health and our relationship with the environment, and SumaMente is a response to the growing need to provide comprehensive solutions to address psychosocial problems. It is a brave, pioneering project that represents our commitment to innovation and social justice to transform people’s lives.This means that no one, regardless of their age, resources or circumstances that put their psychosocial health at risk, is excluded from the support system.

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