UK production may stop ‘in less than a year’

The car giant has warned it could stop producing its cars in the UK “in less than a year”. If the British government does not accelerate the pace and take the necessary measures to stimulate demand for electric cars. This was stated by the country’s business chief, Maria Grazia Davino, on Tuesday, during an event organized by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) in London.

The board warned that the decision would be made in less than a year Although production may stop, the European car manufacturer’s activities in the country will not stop.

Unlike the EU, the domestic executive ordered UK car manufacturers at the beginning of the year Sell ​​a minimum number of fully electric cars or face heavy fines.

specific, The British government has set brands to sell at least 22% electric cars by 2024. This means that manufacturers will have to strive to make one in five cars sold fully electric or flip-flop Fines of up to £15,000 per unsold electric car.

The rate is 22% in 2024 It will gradually increase every year until it reaches 100% in 2035. Specifically, it will rise to 28% in 2025, 33% in 2025, 38% in 2027, 52% in 2028, 66% in 2029, 80% in 2030, and finally 100% in 2035, when New hybrid cars are being sold. Cars will also be banned.

At this time Stellantis It manufactures electric trucks at its Ellesmere Port plant in the United Kingdom A few months ago it announced that it would also start producing electric trucks at its factory in Luton in 2025.

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Stellantis shares remain stable in Tuesday’s session on the Milan Stock Exchange Trading at around €19.46 per address. The manufacturer has increased its capital by more than 28% in the past year.

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