Cervantino presents the virtual piece Aislada in the digital space

The Ministry of Culture explained that it was a cooperation between Cervantino and the Center for Digital Culture, which has been in place for five years.

He adds that the work they are presenting this time is the result of the Laboratory of Live Arts, Media and Technologies, which is facilitated by the Mapa Teatro group, from Colombia, from transmedia practices and participatory experiments, to so-called live arts.

The Live Arts Laboratory invited artists from different disciplines to participate to be part of a temporary experimental group that continues the reflection of Mapa Teatro, composed of Heidi Abdelhalden, Rolf Abdelhalden, and Jimena Álvarez, Colombian performance and visual artists.

The initiative aims to recognize us as hybrid communities and collaborate in building a meeting space dedicated to highlighting the lines of exchange that exist between the worlds we are and the virtual environments we live in, as indicated by its creators.

They described “Islada” as being about scientific news about the non-existence of Bermeja Island in the Gulf of Mexico, which has been mentioned by cartographers since the 16th century, and which has even been recorded by a satellite orbiting the Earth, such as Google Earth.

Based on this information, the laboratory proposes to create an imagined landscape, in which maps and imagination of Bermeja Island float, under the post-human gaze.

The group piece uses different means – sound, body, movement, video, music, audio, programming and other techniques – to produce a poetic event in a language specific to each participant, in their interactions and encounters with the group. , to showcase an archipelago of imagination.

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