Prince Harry returns to the UK, but will not meet his father, Charles III, due to his busy schedule

Prince Harry has returned to the United Kingdom, but during the three days that his stay will last, He was not scheduled to meet his father.Carlos III, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, due to his “busy schedule.” This was confirmed by the spokesman for the Duke of Sussex to AFP.

“Unfortunately, that will not be possible because Full schedule “The Duke is, of course, aware of his father’s schedule, commitments and other priorities, and hopes to see him soon,” the actor explained. Harry arrived in London yesterday, Tuesday. To participate in the tenth anniversary celebrations of Invictus games.‘.

What are Invictus games?

The Invictus Games are Multi-sport event Targeted at men and women Injured soldiers Or patients who are or have already been in service Veterans. It covers different sports, and was held for the first time in 2014. Prince Harry was one of its founders With the Ministry of Defense and businessman Keith Mills. One of the anniversary celebrations will be held at St. Paul’s Cathedral 25 minutes From Buckingham Palace, where Charles III stayed.

Complicated Relationship

After learning of the British king’s diagnosis, Prince Harry, who currently lives in California in the United States with his wife, Meghan Markle, expressed his intention to see his family more. A few months ago, his sister-in-law and the Princess of Wales, Kate MiddletonHe also announced that he had cancer.

The last time father and son met was in February. But Harry traveled to London alone after learning of the diagnosis It was a quick meeting. For his part, the Jordanian king returned to his official obligations last week.

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The first of them has great symbolism since his visit Disease Treatment Center With his wife, Camilla, to highlight the importance of early diagnosis. Specifically, since his diagnosis, Carlos has only been seen during… Easter service. In Buckingham they are cautious about the king’s health. And they insist on it One cannot talk about complete recoveryas treatment continues, but event scheduling reveals Relative optimism From doctors.

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