The World Peace Council calls for peaceful coexistence, nuclear disarmament, and an end to the blockade against Cuba

Fernando Gonzalez, President of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples, described and emphasized the complex global scenario Solidarity with countries that are subject to occupation or colonial rule or that have a foreign military presence.

He said that Cuba has taken important steps in strengthening relations with peaceful organizations around the world, as well as in strengthening its relations with the highest figures in the Working Conference of the Parties on Peace.

He pointed out the importance Take greater action against the presence of foreign US military bases and installationsIn rejection of the application of coercive measures and in defense of world peace in the face of the escalation of hatred that obstructs the path to justice for all humanity.

He called on peace advocates, researchers and specialists to speak out on this issue and against cyber warfare that aims to impose a cultural and political course in favor of neoliberal interests as a new type of unconventional aggression.

Paula Renata Gallo, co-chair of the Movement for Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity among Peoples, in Argentina, highlighted The role of youth in integration and defending the world against fascism.

Iraklis Tsafdaridis, Executive Secretary of the Conference of the Parties working on the Meeting of the Parties, urged Latin American countries to Valuing the achievements of the Cuban social project They can appreciate it at different events and places on the Caribbean island.

He stressed the need for organizations to continue their work, in order to maintain their vitality.

Before that, representatives of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Nicaragua, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Barbados and Cuba, as well as representatives of Australia, Cyprus, Greece, Norway and Sweden, praised the founding initiative. Fathers of the Nation at Santa Iphigenia Heritage Cemetery.

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This event is held within the framework of the activities of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Working Communist Congress on May 6, 1949.

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