China shuts down holidays as travel and tourism increase

According to figures released by the specialized platform Ctrip, the country recorded an interesting pattern of growth in national tourism with a significant increase in visits to less developed cities.

Destinations such as Yangzhou, Luoyang, Qinhuangdao and others enjoyed an average 11 percent increase in tourism demand, while less popular locations such as Anji, Tonglu and Dujiangyan saw a 36 percent increase in demand.

Experts believe that this phenomenon reflects a trend towards decentralization of tourism in China, that is, travelers looking for authentic and less saturated experiences, and moving away from crowded urban cities towards quieter destinations with competitive prices.

On the other hand, international tourism also witnessed a 105 percent surge in applications to enter the country.

The total number of tourists from the 12 preferred visa-exemption countries to China increased by about 2.5 times compared to the same period last year.

In addition, demand for outbound travel from China has also boomed, increasing by 190 percent year-on-year.

The most popular destinations included neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, as well as Japan, which has recently been in high demand due to the favorable exchange rate between the yuan and the yen.

China celebrated International Workers’ Day with five days of holidays on which citizens used to travel to other provinces and visit places of interest.

In fact, on the first day of the holiday, the country recorded a historic record for the number of passengers on train trips with more than 20.69 million people.


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