Kin-iro Mosaic, Thanks !! It already has a release date

Kin-iro mosaic movie Thanks !! – Crunchyroll ad on file The official blog That the official account is on Twitter Kin-iro Mosaic Thanks !!, The new manga animated movie Kin-iro Mosaic From Yui Hara, A new promotional image revealed that the movie premieres are dated to the third the summer In Japanese movie theaters.

Kin-iro mosaic movie Thanks !! – The movie will be shown MoninUri Noi (R-15, NAIKAIMO) As a bass output Jocome Studio And the AXsiZ. Unico Eana (Hi! KINMOZA, Kinmoza! Keniro + mosaic) Responsible for the script, while Kazuyuki Ueda (Hi! KINMOZA, Kinmoza! Keniro + mosaicHe will design the characters.

Kin-iro mosaic movie Thanks !! Shinobu Umea is a 15-year-old student. And although her black hair and cute eyes make her look like a regular Japanese, she went to the UK when she was in high school. As he longed for his days abroad, one day he received a message …

Kin-iro Mosaic Thanks !!

The series premiered in Manga Time Carrara Max In April 2010 and on July 25, his tenth volume was released in Japan.

His first animated television adaptation premiered in 2013, followed by the second in 2015 and a special episode in Japanese theaters in November 2016.

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