Celebrities Celebrating the ’90s: Photos

The kind of partying that attracted celebrities in the ’90s is rarely, if ever, found today. With the absence of smartphones (and influencers dealing with those phones), celebrities attended dinners, birthdays, premieres and after parties, smiled at the press waiting outside, and then walked through the door with someone’s odds that it was rare to take a photo. But it did happen.

It was a different time. Obviously, we’re not comparing it yet, as masks and social distancing continue to define our lives until we finally overcome the dreaded pandemic. Back then, people touched and smoked a lot inside, and celebrities who were now veterans or very seasoned were in their young years (or mature in many cases) and had a lot of fun with these famous faces.

We’ve already seen in Esquire it all: 39 celebs and their husbands from the past, what celebrities looked like when they were young, 40 cute parents standing with their kids, celebrities who exercise, or celebrities who go to parties in their happy seventies. We everyone loves to see how celebs have a good time, which is why we have put together a good collection of pictures of celebs who had an amazing time during the ’90s. Actors, singers, athletes … some of them are very young like Liv Tyler or Tiger Woods … others actually comb over gray hair like De Niro or with long hair like George Clooney. We have something for everyone, but if there’s one thing that’s constant, it’s that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in a big way. This is how famous people are, they love to party more than we make a good cold beer.

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These are those pictures (plus some pictures from outside the party). Come and enjoy.

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