Carlo Lopez scored 500 victories in the United States

Venezuelan racer Carlo Lopez scored his 500th victory on the racetrack in the United States last Wednesday, in the second race at the Turf Paradise Racecourse in Arizona.

On that occasion, the Creoles led the Flurry of Feathers, the competition’s favorite, to victory, which brought him into intermediate positions in the primary and middle divisions of the competition.

On entering the final stretch, the Flurry of Feathers were in control of the situation, dominating the competition, finally topping by two-foot and three-quarter margins at a time of 1’32 “29 for the 1,500 meters.

Good campaign

This is the sixteenth victory this year for the Venezuelan jockey, who has campaigned in the American horse race since 2008, when he scored three victories. According to page, in 2009 he continued to show his talent and managed to win 39 times, then picked up 28 wins in 2010; 63 in 2011; 54 in 2012; 38 in 2013; 35 in 2014; 28 in 2015; 40 in 2016; 35 in 2017; 37 in 2018; 51 in 2019; 33 in 2020 and 16 so far in 2021.

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In the Truf Paradise stats ending on May 1, Karlo L√≥pez managed to enter the winner’s hall 16 times, thus taking 11th place in the respective stats.

Chantal Sutherland

The prominent American contestant, who this year decided to enter the Gulfstream Park Racecourse, and last Sunday scored her first victory in the sixth race in the afternoon with the mare, Mona Stella.

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Chantal started the campaign in 2000 and has now achieved 1,084 wins, with a win ratio of 12% and 37% with appearances in the top three.

It will always be necessary to take her into account, as she has a knack to spare in her profession.

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